Work in Progress

It is Sunday and thanks to my creative business coach, I spent the start of my morning with a fresh notebook writing out some daily pages. I have to admit that it has helped me to coagulate the thoughts in my heads in regards to my re-design of this website. For those who don’t know, I am working with Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design in creating a fresh and more functional site. Hence not as much postings here lately.

I thought I would take the time to share some of my vision of what the new site will hold and if you have any thoughts that you feel would be beneficial to add please do share.

1. Resources: this is where I hope to provide listings in the following categories

  • Creative Professional Listings – this is about you, providing categories of skills and contact information
  • Podcasts – I have been interviewing peeps over the years and would like to offer snippets of the discussions as audio files, I find myself I prefer the audio so I can keep on working while not being distracted by video.
  • Business Services – looking to offer an evolving list of online software, stock sites and business services and hopefully some references and suggestions on what  the best options are.
  • Inspiration – there are so many sites and blogs out there with great content – and offering a one stop listing is my goal.

2. Events: along with intel about the creatives’ lunches I offer and hope to offer other workshops and the dream is a Creatives’ Cupboard CAMP one day – there are so many other brilliant events so having a resource list of that as well would love awesome.

3. Shopping: the challenge is creating a sound space to sell the custom myProduct line which will include the myDay, and the volumes of Creatives’ Cupboard in the myNote format. I have visions of creating other options as well that help with journalling and project management.

4. About/Back Story: the unique challenge I have with the myNote publication is the uniqueness of it. I am working on my copy so it clearly explains it. It is one of those pieces that once you have it in your hands, you “get it”, but for those who don’t how do you create the pitch?

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