What is Creatives’ Lunch?

I have just finished hosting my 25th Creatives’ Lunch and once again we welcomed a newbie who signed up and it seemed didn’t fully understand what the lunch was. With the move for all future events to be registered directly through this website I am hoping this will  weed out the random attendees who, kudos to them for showing up to see what it is all about, are not working or interested in the variety of creative fields (illustration, design, website design, photography, writing, etc.).

This post is for those those who haven’t been following Creatives’ Cupboard over the last few years, the fabulous new creatives’ who have either been introduced to it by meeting me at some creative event here or there or through social media connections. This post is for you.

What happens at Creatives’ Lunch?Creatives Lunch 201402

We lunch and we chat. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. Those who sign up (RSVP) are pre-seated at a table which I do try to mix things up a bit, newbies with regulars. Discussion with this group organically moves from friendly introductions and descriptions of our creative paths and then moves into either random social conversation or to the down and dirty of what is on our minds or the questions we may have when it comes to running a creative business. Seating is set four to a table when possible depending on the location. I have found this creates a friendly and engaging atmosphere for the introvert in all of us.

What does lunch cost?


Put simply, you pay your own lunch bill. I have pondered setting it up as a pre-pay event but have opted to avoid the extra work and responsibility this type of set up could entail.

Why is this a FREE event with no fee?CreativeLunch_111129_0005

The start of this lunch based on a desire to connect with fellow creatives and create an environment where, especially the solo creative business owner, could get out of their own office and make valuable connections, but more importantly talk to others who “get” what they do.

Is this event for you?CLunch_20120308_0006

Are you currently working or learning about the creative field in; illustration, design (digital and print), photography, or writing? Then yes.

Do I need to come prepared?IMG_5380

Yes and no. Come to lunch with a handful of business cards should you meet someone who you are interested in keeping in touch with outside of the monthly lunches. Over the last few years, those who have attended have collaborated on work projects, you never know when you might need an illustrator or writer for your next gig. No, in the sense of knowledge. Conversation is never pre-determined, the topics of discussion are spontaneous, so if you do have a question – make a note of it and bring it up to anyone!

Creatives’ Lunch Etiquette 2014-11-27-Lunch

Show up. When you sign up and reserve your seat, you will be notified with reminders, and are asked that should anything change in your schedule to give the organizer a days notice if your schedule for the day doesn’t allow you to attend. This gives the opportunity for those on a wait list to take your seat as well as gives the restaurant notice on final numbers.

Where does lunch happen?10340162_725478120856856_8425186572686350536_n

Right now, this event is organized by the local creative, Crystal Reynolds of Crystal Ink Creative. As a born and raised Calgarian, lunches happen here in Calgary, AB, usually in the centre/downtown area of town. There have been a couple events hosted in surrounding areas like Canmore and Banff and looking to set one up in Edmonton as well. All within driving distance for the host (Crystal).

I would like a Creatives’ Lunch in my town/city!10561635_725478194190182_8038960568481671449_n

That would be fabulous! Though if the location is outside of the southern Alberta region, you are welcome to set one up and Creatives’ Cupboard would be happy to set up a registration on the events page for you. Just email us!

Where do I sign up?

Previous events were set up through Eventbrite, but with the new site live, registration is through the events page here.

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