The Rollercoaster Experience

Pursuing a creative passion likens itself to a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, even a few 360’s.

It has been about a week since my last post. I find I have time and ambition in spurts though not ideal for anyone who is particular with goals and completing tasks to meet one’s dreams. Am I alone when it comes to the roller coaster stops and starts of pursuing a personal creative venture?

It all starts with some enlightening vision that feeds the creative machine and once in a while I come to a complete halt. Whether it is the colorful dynamic of the business of life or I find I simply check out mentally – there are waves of productivity and then not. These last couple of weeks I found myself questioning Creatives’ Cupboard. Is there value in my idea? Will anyone care enough to participate? Holy crap I have a tonne of ideas and a vision, but all I see is the workload associated.

I think I am not alone when it comes to these nagging doubts. But I like to think that these points of, agony (as Sally Hogshead calls it) are part of the journey. So I am choosing to not get down on myself. I have said from the beginning that this dream I have is a path full of experiences that I will embrace and enjoy the ride.


I am currently on holiday with my family. Visiting my in-laws for my nieces’ birthday party in the ‘rocking’ town of Regina. For those who don’t know about this little gem in the Canadian prairies of Saskatchewan, I think my husband summarizes it well, “It was a nice place to grow up I just don’t see wanting to move back to live though.”


There is a beauty in the landscape one can easily miss. The endless sky, some is clear, and other areas have some amazing clouds. Then to really take in the waves of the fields of whatever crop we pass. I am mesmerized by the flow and movement as the wind whips long grasses to look like water ripples in an ocean. I feel alive and energized in wonder of how the simplicity of nature can take on such a complexity that astounds. One could say ‘wonder’ as Justin Ahrens’ spoke about at the last HOWLive conference.

I would like to think if we allow ourselves moments to step away from the daily grind and endless tasks on our to do lists, to breathe and re-experience what the natural world can offer would be an almost meditative experience. So on that note, though driving can be a little of a bore… Nothing but flatness and endless roads ahead, I am given an opportunity to step away from the addiction of checking my twitter and Facebook feeds and really reflect on where I am physically and mentally. Question my ideas and dreams and allow some insights to percolate out of the creative space in my head. I find I try and fill my days so much with stuff to avoid what my thoughts are – why do I/we do that?


So how about I bring this idle rant full circle? Yes, I won’t pressure myself to meet some ideal expectation that I think I should meet. I will allow myself the downtimes and celebrate the mini milestones.

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2 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster Experience

  1. Great article. I hear ya. The ambition and creative projects that I want to do are often trumped by lack of time and energy. I have tried to do better since HOW, but with a family and full time job it’s tough. I turn to my friends from the conference on twitter and facebook for inspiration and encouragement, and that alone really helps. Press on Crystal, you are doing great…and I can’t wait to see you as a speaker at HOW in the future!

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