The Point


(written last weekend before the mudslides in Fairmont and Banff)


Driving out west for a weekend to meet up with some friends and their kid lets while our husbands are having their annual ‘sausage fest’, and I had an epiphany….

The point of working our asses off is to carve out time to check out and connect with those closest to us, family and friends, perhaps our own kids we are lucky enough to have. I was driving out west towards Fairmont Friday with my two girls ( Paige 8 years and Lucy not far behind at 6 years) on an amazing sunny day, rare in our neck of the Woods.

If I have anything to share from this thought is… Yes we ARE amazingly lucky to work in an industry we are passionate, but that is the crux… We are ‘working’. I keep reflecting on a point a printer I work with whom I admire made a comment “when you are on your death bed are you worried about that erroneous print job? The fact is these projects are INK on PAPER!” just a little perspective to keep in mind. It is our friends and family we chillax and really enjoy life with… So live it with them and step out from behind the veil of InDesign and PhotoShop and maybe even leave the iPhone and iPad out of the picture.

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