The DNA of Branding with Luke Mysee

While I was editing the first two parts of my recorded conversation with Luke, I was pleasantly surprised at the chat we had after that wasn’t part of my interview questions. This further proves my view that when you take the opportunity to listen and spend time connecting, it is amazing at the jewels of insight you can uncover.

I asked Luke what he thought of my #CFCDARE (Creatives’ Cupboard) project. Whether he was being nice, who knows,

“I think it’s great! It is amazing with the technology today we can do these cameo interviews. I thought your questions were great and very interesting.”

His response gave me a boost to my motivation to keep plugging away.

We further discussed the topic of creativity and how the subject outside of the creative professions can actually be insightful. To talk with people in the food industry to those in general business. They all bring to the table their own unique perspective and creative process to problem solving and creating ideas.

This then led to how in Luke’s experience he sees the unique DNA in each company. It is this unique make up of the values and mindset are what public perceive regardless of what their branding messaging is. Because of this, companies need to acknowledge their DNA in their communications in order to work with it, instead of against it.

I talked about one of my goals of this project is eventually helping to connect be a medium where general business professions are informed about the value our industry brings to their business. The unique challenge we face everyday with the perception that we just make pretty images and words. Realizing that strategy in marketing combined with design marry into a solid brand that really connects with their intended audience.


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