Summer Lunch on the Patio

With the weather here in Calgary looking to finally see summer arriving. I am really excited to meet up with my local creatives at River Cafe, on our own local Island here in town. For those not in Calgary – I really encourage you to take advantage of your flexibility to make your own hours and set up your own local Creatives’ Lunch. I would be happy to set up your own date and registration here at as a landing page.

I have found the following benefits to setting time aside to connect with creatives’ over a casual meal:

  1. Getting out of the office. Yes, this is obvious, but when you are working from your own office as a solo professional, it is way too easy to just work through lunch and wonder where the day went. Yes, these events turn into a minimum of a two-hour commitment, but the payoff works in mysterious ways.
  2. Expanding your creative business offering. When you meet up with other creative professionals, you have an opportunity to get to know potential collaborators. We all know we can’t be everything to our clients, and being able to contract out the work has benefits for you and most importantly your client. I believe more heads are better than one, pretty hard to collaborate solo.
  3. Better than google. I have found that by creating a local creative community, I have within my reach an extensive resource that even google can’t beat. Learning from each other is one of my favourite things about this group. You get to learn from other’s experience, the good and bad, and from there take that information and make decisions that work best for you.
  4. Tasty food. When it comes down to it, being able to try out new restaurants and eateries is always a good thing. Not only personally, but professionally as well. Find that great location to dine with clients and prospects and overall, support your own local economy.

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