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A few things happened this past week to affirm my opinion on the importance of simply ‘showing up’. Life has a way of getting busy. We schedule our days and weeks but as always surprises happen. Call it a peeve of mine, but the point of scheduling is to prioritize your time. If a meeting or event was worth you writing into your schedule, then it deserves your commitment. I will bow to life unexpected priorities that should bump a schedule here and there. But it is so easy to give priority to putting out fires

I had a week of with a couple experiences I would like to share:

FIRST: Creatives’ lunch was pre-booked in my calendar and a couple days out I realized I hadn’t sent out the official invitation/registration. I was texted by a regular asking about it and admitted to my lack of organization but committed to showing up at the lunch even if it was just going to be me and him. So as it turned out we got one extra and to make it three. We shared a pleasant meal on the island taking in some amazing weather on the patio deck of The River Cafe. What could have to some could have been considered an unsuccessful turnout to me was instead a great opportunity to really connect with these creatives whom, without the distraction of worrying about everyone else, turned into an greater insight into each other’s views and perceptions. So showing up that day for me invigorated why I love connecting with creatives.

SECOND: My next tale was a couple days later which began as a late night turning into quite a ‘shite’ day with print deadlines combined with the worry of my computer hiccuping (if anyone knows me – the mere mention of computer problems causes me some severe anxiety). To compound the stress, this day I had pre-arranged an interview with Mark O’Brian, president of Newfangled Media, for the next issue of Creatives’ Cupboard. I was SO tempted to reschedule because of my full plate that day, but I HATE to be that person, this interview I was really looking forward to. An opportunity to get to know this inspiring speaker and have a one on one chat about hearing his story.

So even though I was tempted to cancel, especially since earlier due to that ‘throne of agony we call creative dreaming’ questioning the validity of my cupboards dreams, I simply sucked it up, focused on creating a list of inquiries to ask and answered his Skype call. I showed up!

The result? I was met with such an amazing smile and Mark made me feel welcomed and was open and keen to share his story. I admitted I was flustered, but stepped away from the stress and focused on the energy and inspiring insight from his experiences. By the end, I had such a reaffirmation of my goals and the value these interviews can bring to my life and others (hell, if my work here touches just one creative, the effort is worth it). Yes, please look forward to a small taste of Mark’s insights in another upcoming post. The full story will be in the next CC issue.

So to end this little rant of mine on showing up… SHOW UP FOR YOUR PASSIONS, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR LIFE, HELL… SIMPLY SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF. You are worth it. I know I am, so that means you are too.

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