Self Sufficient, Appreciation and Inspiration


Heading out for a family getaway. My parent’s are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary which means in 7 months I will be celebrating my own 40th birthday. Yes, do the math, it is because of me, my parent’s tied the knot and through life’s ups and downs they have managed to beat the odds and stayed true to their commitment. I mean come on, I must be a big reason why… I am so awesome that they figured a union creating the ‘Crystal’ experience is worth sticking it out for.

No, but seriously, there is so much we learn from out parent’s and one post here wouldn’t cover the impact their love, support and screw ups have enlightened me. They inspire me in so many different ways. The one thing for sure I have been inspired to be from their influence is self sufficient. My parents are there as supports but have never held my hand. I appreciate this so much because I know if I achieve anything it is because of my efforts. No free rides.

I got to thinking about inspiration today. It all stemmed from an interview I had with Justin Ahren’s last week. He asked me if I thought my project was ‘remarkable’? I was in conflict because we are so tuned to be humble about our accomplishments, but in the same breath I don’t hesitate to applaud another’s accomplishments…. So what held me back from patting myself on the back?

What does this have to do with inspiration? It got me thinking about the meaning of to ‘be inspired’ – ultimately it isn’t that others accomplishments amazing and unattainable, but we see in them our own potential to achieve our own dreams. So I can answer Justin’s question that honestly my project shouldn’t be considered remarkable – it seems too much like common sense to me. Why wouldn’t we want a world where we respect others and most importantly ourselves, in fact I expect this out of our world and because I expect it, it shouldn’t be remarkable. If I want this type of reality it is up to me to show up and transform the world around me by pursuing my passion to connect. A lesson taught to me by my parents.

In the end when I hear others getting value out of my creative connections, that makes me feel appreciated and that feeling is all the applause I need. Seeing the world around me transform through positivity and respect makes me appreciate what I do have and not begrudge any others their accomplishments, it only pushes me to do more good.

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