Say hello to an ‘expecting’ Designer Mom in Canmore

My Sunday had me zipping out to Canmore, AB to meet up with fellow designer Shanna Cremers for a long overdue face to face. We met last year at NAPP’s annual one day seminar in Calgary, and haven’t met up in person since Canada Day 2010. So with her expecting her first child (the rumour is a little girl… yay!) I wanted to check in before her life takes a left turn when she welcomes her new family member.

I had tried to talk her into attending HOWLive last year but it wasn’t to happen. So as promised I shared my experience and found we had many views in common when it comes to the business of freelancing and making life choices that are in the best interest for us and our families. I see a fellow HOWie in the making… maybe not in 2012 but sometime soon after.

So after she finds her mommy legs I hope to check in with her now and then and share the life of a first time Designer Mom… if she is up for it! Below is the latest picture Shanna posted on Facebook of her ever growing profile in what I think is an inspired baby’s room. With such surroundings, how can her new little girl not be inspired to sleep if not want to grow up to be just like mom!

For those of you who don’t know, Canmore is about an hour drive from Calgary which may seem like quiet a jaunt for a coffee get together. But the amazing day led me to some, I like to think, brilliant creative ideas to help make Creatives’ Cupboard a fun and valuable resource for all my designer peeps. Watching the blue sky and amazing Rocky Mountains have always given me a new perspective.

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