Post-Conference Desk Syndrome

Post-Conference Desk Syndrome

I made it back to town last night. With an extra box of good stuff to bring home. Not the least of which are 15 copies of the iNote printed by Red Dog Graphics on Neenah Paper. Before leaving last week for the HOW Design Live Conference, I cleaned up my desk – it was spotless. Then I came home. Needless to say – along with boundless creative energy and ideas, I also came home with a tonne of schwagg combined with receipts to be dealt with, books to read and flyers to review and consider. For some reason on the bottom are my girls report cards – not sure when I will get to those.

Am I the only one with post-conference desk syndrome? Would love to see some of your desks so I can feel less of a disaster.

In Print

When I showed up at Red Dog Graphics – I made a beeline for the books. With seeing the content on screen for months – to actually hold the book completed was hundred times better! Yes paper nerd I am, but really, the quality of book is handsdown one of the best projects I am really proud of. You can hear me talk about it with Donovon Beery on his podcast, 36 Point here!

As far as how the general feedback was on the iNote, I am really happy to say that overall they went over great. I did realize that the notebook is not for everyone. There are a few people out there who have a system for taking notes. Jason Wedekind is a true blue Field Notes guy, whereas, I did meet a gal who had forgotten to bring anything, so while in Mary Zalla’s session on Selling Creativity, she struggled using the two blank pages provided by HOW in their conference guide and what looked like a post-it-note pad. It was her lucky day – I had an extra iNote and passed it her way.

Another comment was the lack of a pocket to hold the odd handouts and business cards one would collect. Some people were smart and utilized the french fold of the covers and slid things there, and some were even smarter and used a sticker to close off one end so pages wouldn’t fall out as easily. I had requested a pocket in the design stage, but with all things, budget and time/labour didn’t allow. Needless to say – going forward, yes a pocket would be the perfect addition.

I have so much to share and do – I am really excited to keep moving forward. Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words.

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