Our dreams are ours to bring true.


Yeah, this is a post Oscars thought. The one thing that I have come to realize over the years is no matter one’s status in the world, the value of who we are is ultimately the same. We all have an amazing opportunity to make our life experience into one of our own making. There is not another’s job to make our lives better. I will admit that there are likely a few who actually do have that type of person supporting them and or pushing them. I think in the end though, they are being cheated out of realizing their own value then.

I kept thinking about what my perception of the celebrities in my early years. At the time they seemed to be elusive and special, so much so, I was not worthy when I compared myself next to them. I am at a space now that I see them in an adjusted light. Their achievements and skills no longer make me feel unworthy, in fact, it is my admiration of them that motivates me to find the value I see in them, in fact in myself. I just need to work at my dreams and my life. Knowing that every step I make moves me forward, I can acknowledge my own achievements and maybe even a happy dance or two.

I just keep seeing that the more we celebrate each other, the easier it is to celebrate our own lives. We are our own worst critics, so if we can find it in ourselves to praise our own acheivements, maybe we can allow ourselves a happy life.

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