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Layers of Success

One of the inspirations for this project was by watching Janine Vangool make her mark in the publishing industry all on her own! She has been my role model throughout this process and it only seemed right that she be featured in the first issue of Creatives’ Cupboard Issue No. 1.

The feature illustration was created by Kristin deNeeve from California. Kristin volunteered and provided profile illustrations for the 2013 CFC HOWLive issue. I felt it was only right to hire her for this very important article. The concept marries my love of cooking with how we utilize what is in our creative cupboard for inspiration and motivation. I originally had the idea to have Janine wearing a chef hat and juggling a variety of cooking/design tools which I passed the idea by Janine and her team at UPPERCASE. They returned with this direction of showcasing her 21 issues of magazines as layers in a cake. I love it when collaboration works to grow an idea. If you don’t know about UPPERCASE, well get on it!

This self-funded publication can only succeed with the support of readers. The first 100 copies are limited editions with unique content that will not be published in the next 200 issues. There are 22 copies left – order yours today!

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