New Bookstore!

I am not sure if you as a reader are aware, but Creatives’ Cupboard is a brainchild of Crystal Ink.  As of yesterday, Crystal Ink launched a brand new website which now includes our own bookstore!

Pre-Order Volume 3 today!

I am working my tooshie off to write, design, and produce volume 3 of Creatives’ Cupboard. Keep me accountable, I encourage you to pre-order today! The next volume’s theme will be collaboration. I’ll be sharing insights from creatives on how they work together and what has been coming up a lot in my writing is how we need to do a better job of connecting with our own inner muse, the greatest collaborator out there.

I will be sharing a new retreat concept for the solo creative. As well my version of a worksheet series designed around a ‘business plan’. It was suggested that when one chooses to share advice, they should focus on what they have ‘done’ instead of what has just been ‘read’. Inside it, I will share how I have been fooling myself the last twenty years. Thinking I was running my business, when the reality is, my clients and opportunities that fell in my lap have been leading me all along.

It was only after I sat down and wrote out the ideas and status of my business, I finally have made actual progress! Part of that forward movement has been creating my own branded online bookstore. No longer using a free online version, I can pull all my hats together under one umbrella, selling Creatives’ Cupboard, myLife planners and other creative products I have on my bucket list to design.

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