Making Paper News! Does it get any better?

One of the true highlights was getting tweeted by fellow HOWie Donovan Beery of (give him a follow on twitter @36Point). I had been following him all last year after HOW 2011 and was a fan of his podcasts from the show. The one thing I noticed about my experience was how big a part serendipity came to play. I was wandering the halls and I had Donovan on my list of iNote receivers – low and behold I ran into him in the hall and approached him. We had never met prior and was doubly pleased when he had mentioned that Bryn Mooth had shown him the book and he was already a fan. I passed him a copy for himself and one to pass on to someone.

I would have thought that would have been that – but he mentioned something about blogging about it and low and behold I was bowled over when I saw the tweet mentioning his blog. I made the Neenah Paper News! So thank you Donovan (please tell me I spelled your name correctly this time 😉 ) and I am really glad that my project connected with you. You can read the full post here:

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