It is official!

I was thrilled to see my bio posted on HOW’s website last week. Though honestly reading my bio compared to the other four, I am humbled. Their responses were well thought out and wordy. Mine on the other hand cut to the chase. Simple and I like to think sweet. That is pretty much how I roll these days – ‘Get ER Done!’ mentality.

Balancing between my:

  1. new part-time job at sandbox creative (which I LOVE),
  2. my current clients for Crystal Ink,
  3. my new role as President of the U of C Kinesiology Chapter,
  4. my burgeoning Creatives’ Cupboard project,
  5. working with a few amazing local creatives’ to start a letterpress company (Paper Revolution) here in Calgary,
  6. oh and yeah – the personal life with 2 brilliant and vibrant girls (8 and 6) all while trying to connect with my husband who I don’t think really ‘gets’ what I do and why I do it all.

So because of all this stuff going on – it is inevitable that things fall through the cracks and I find myself just making do. I was thinking about all those life balance apps and books out there, Justin Ahren’s upcoming session at HOWLive which I am sure will touch on this – and I think in the end… no matter how much you plan (I mean that takes time too!) the dream of finding balance is just that – a dream. I am not even sure I could be sane in a calm environment 24/7. I think I really need the rush of meeting challenges head on and juggling as I go. Yes it is starting to burn me out and my goal while out in Boston and connecting with some amazing creatives’ is to take some time to reflect and really prioritize what I want in my life and make some tough decisions to let go of those projects that aren’t really ‘turning me on’.

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