It is all in the Notes

Creatives' Cupboard Ready

With the distribution of the custom Creatives’ Cupboard iNote for the Creative Freelancer Conference, I was asked the question, “Does anyone actually use the notes portion of the book?”

I was quite dumbfounded at the question. It made perfect sense to me. I take handwritten notes, so of course others do! Below are some pics of mine and others (Nicole Bolton, Alisa Bosnignore, Katie Raymon and Shannon Scheels) who have shared some quick images of their use of the notes section of the book.


Cami Travis-Groves captured a couple images that do a great job of visually showing how overwhelming the collection of swag can be below. In comparison, the iNote has a value that will be worth holding a place on one’s desk or bookshelf. When you see everything that one can collect at such an event, it is important to go through and evaluate what is worth bringing home.


I would love to collect more images of the book in play. For those who did get a book and used the pages – please take a photo of one or two of your favourite notations. You can tweet them to @CreateCupboard, upload on the Creatives Cupboard Facebook page or drop me an email.

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