HOW Resolution 2013

TV Bad

There was a lot of information to process from the past week. Thank goodness for my iNote to hold all the insights and creative ideas.

Insert little story here: I have managed to misplace my iNote twice this week! The first time was after lunch with James Victore and Debbie Millman. I was so blown away and in la la land that I failed to pick up my book – luckily I noticed a few minutes later and raced back to the tables. Then, after I got home, my family and I headed out for supper and I was showing them my iNote with all the lovely stuff inside. My youngest daughter Lucy, was the last to have it and I was so tired I failed to remember to ask for it back. Needless to say the next morning I had my second heart stopping moment. Called the restaurant and luckily they had found it and I was able to grab it again.

So the smart thing to do it to pick a few key insights to focus on. For me it started with Jim Krause, author of 14 books, who attributed his ability to get so much stuffed into one day by not replacing a TV that broke 25 years ago. And it wasn’t just Jim, Johnny Earle, A.K.A. Johnny Cupcakes, attributes his ability to grow his business by avoiding frivolous distractions and one of them was TV.

For those who know me, I am a TV addict. At the end of the day, hell in the middle of the day, when I need to take a mind break – I head to the couch. It has been on my mind a lot the last few months and this last trip to HOWLive has solidified it. I need to address it. So, in timing with the slow TV season and great weather, sounds like a good time as any to limit the tube watching and instead use that time to focus on my publication dreams as well as just spend time with my family, like actual conscious time – not the zone out type while we watch television.

But… what about the movies and few shows that I love? Well, that is what PVR is for – so shows like Mad Men, True Blood and Newsroom – they will be my mini escapes in a day – and all the more reason to get out to a movie and work my skills at story as Justin Ahrens spoke about during his talk.

So I am putting it out there to the world – hold me accountable please. There is so much to do as it is – I need to find a new way to shut down and chillax after a day of days. Would love to hear what one of your resolutions has inspired you.

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