HOW Design Ambassador!

Well, a couple months back my HOWie friend Nick referred me to the HOW blog asking for nominations to be considered a design ambassador. Well I threw in my hat. Much to my pleasure I received an email from the editor of HOW, Megan Patrick, telling me and the other amazing bloggers that we have been chosen to be taken under their wing this year.

I did the happy dance! Not sure my face could smile any bigger.

The root of what cupboards is all about has stemmed from my last HOWLive experience in Chicago last June. I left with the mantra “Now what?” and as one of my favorite HOW speakers said, walking the talk. When I interviewed Stefan Mumaw, the one thing I realized was that doing this blog and making connections with other creatives was a real hoot. So the energy I get from making connections keeps driving me to connect with you! Share our stories and in an essence share our ups and downs so others can benefit.

Thank you HOW! I have been a fan for 15+ years and such an opportunity to make more of a contribution to a group that has brought so much into my design dreams just seems well… SWEET!

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