Hosting fellow HOWie comes to an end…

Well I was lucky enough for a fellow HOWie to make her way out west to join me in my little ‘ol town of Calgary, AB (please note, us canadian’s do like to pronunciate and we actually say Cal-Gary, it isn’t JUST me). Lesley leaves today – back east to her family and thriving design studio.

I did my best to show off a few nuggets of fun we offer. She had already experienced our neighbourhood mountain scene with her brother the previous few days so Saturday night started with dinner at the RUSH bar downtown, followed by drinks (a few too many) at Murietta’s with some live music. Then, since Lesley isn’t one to sit still for too long – we braved the cold and snow and walked Stephen Avenue Mall avoiding the line’s and found ourselves at the ‘Bank‘ for some good old fashioned clubbing. Who say’s one is too old to shake some booty?

Unfortunately the next day wasn’t as adventurous. It was ‘recovery’ day. After I picked her up from her hotel we stopped at one of my new favorite haunts, Vendome Cafe, for some juice/coffee and food (it all managed to stay down by then). We were lucky enough to be sitting next to the Cafe’s owner who was wooing a chef from Vancouver – and scored a plate of their amazing Banana French Toast delicacy since they felt like ‘sharing’! How is that for Calgary hospitality?

After that we made it home and Lesley found herself cozy in some PJ’s on our couch for the rest of the day. Sounds like a perfect Sunday, does it not?

As we are creatives’ and I try my best to make introductions where I can – we met up a fellow designer, and one of my good friends for lunch at WURST, the home of my first official creatives’ lunch. The food was tasty and overall it is just fun to see people I really like connect. So now when I mention ‘Lesley’, those who have met her can say – ‘Yeah, she was super sweet! Loved her!’ I made a point that day to show her a few other gems I have been raving about…

The first was Choklat – which she was as impressed and inspired by his story as I was. Then it was downtown to Art Central and the UPPERCASE office to meet Janine and purchase her own issue of the magazine issue #12 where I am mentioned in the reader profiles. And as much as I have raved about Janine’s story to you all – I think when you actually come down to her studio and see what she has accomplished does it really hit home. Lesley was both inspired and humbled by what Janine has managed to achieve over the years. So now I can say, “I told you so!”.

There is something to be said for getting out there and meeting new people. Now Lesley has a goal to write and get published and I hope I can help her out with that one – we all have to start somewhere!

Taking things slow this morning and will be sad to see Lesley leave, but at the same time, looking forward to reconnecting at Boston and maybe even Design Thinkers in November – Janine says she will likely be heading east for that event – so why not? Let’s get a taste for what the Canadian version of designer conference can bring to the table.

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