Evolution Towards Immersion


Things have been quiet here on the Creatives’ Cupboard home front. Between a summer of working around my two girls (9 and 7 years) not being in school and trying to catch up and focus on the direction of my publication dreams, I have come to evolve my vision. Things are in the beginning stages, but I will promise there will be more information to share as I get my focus.

Originally my dream was to create the unique publication slash notebook creation created and available for subscriptions. Then reality set in. My dream, though unique and from what everyone has said is valuable – the print cost per is as unique and high quality as my vision. So as with all things production, the more you can create, the less cost per it takes to make. In order to do that, I need to focus on growing our Creatives’ Cupboard community.

I have made some headway by expanding my Creatives’ Lunches out west in Canmore and Banff. I have also made connections and plans to branch north in the Edmonton region this fall as well. In keeping with my vision, I am focused on making creative connections, not just networking opportunities. I strongly believe that making quality connections with one or two people is much more valuable than handing out a few business cards that you simply can’t guarantee will ever follow up with you.

The ultimate dream is to host the first ever Creatives’ Cupboard Camp! A 2-Day getaway where creative professionals can escape their daily grind and immerse themselves among their ‘people’ and get rejuvenated creative energy than translates into re-ergizing their own creative passions and in most cases their business. Partly inspired by Stefan Mumaw, author of Caffeine of the Creative Mind, Chasing the Monster Idea and Creative Bootcamp, to:

Host a local opportunity to create an environment where one can be immersed in an idea culture with other unique perspectives and experiences to soak up and invigorate a creative mindset.

In order to get things going I am working with Ilise Benun to host a spring-time Marketing Workshop here in Calgary. A great opportunity for those who haven’t had the opportunity to attend the Creative Freelancer Conference. We are in the early stages of logistics and I look forward to sharing that intel as things are confirmed.

Until then, if you have any ideas or insights on the type of workshop events you would see yourself benefiting from, please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you!

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