To be (employed) or not to be (self employed).

Does a salary cover the cost/value of creative inspiration?

A question on my mind these days had focused around creative value and how it gets compensated, and please note I could be biased. As a creative, why search for a job when you can create your own and be your own boss?

The thing about creativity is how personal it is at most times. Why would you want to work for a large agency or in-house agency? My personal experience has been that anything you create for these ‘benefactors/employers’ becomes theirs’.

Don’t get me wrong, as a solo designer, I am a work-for-hire, the work I create is ultimately owned by my clients when they pay the bill. But between them and I, I am the creative and we have an understanding of who the creative is acknowledged to.

When you are part of a large organization or agency does that still play? And when it comes to that differentiation does it matter to you?

To you.

What matters to you?

Are you tied to your creative ideas?

Do you require acknowledgment for them?

I think this is a distinct differentiation between consultant and employee.

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