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So here is the “thing”. I adore what I do. But, at the same time, the elements of the job have this ability to make me miserable. So that moment when you are feeling both at the same time… is simply “odd”. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade my circumstances for anything. Life is about chasing the dream and taking on the challenges as they come. No one ever promised that it would be all sunbeams and roses.

Every day that I get to create a design and layout for whatever project I am working on is to me, a bonus day. If you are feeling like that about the work you do, then the only way that is going to change is by taking ownership of your choices and not letting the job and/or clients make those for you.

I was sharing a coffee with a friend from grade school the other day and I had to admit while we chatted, even though I was insane with stress of the workload (I have created for myself), I could honestly say that I am “living my dream”. Life is brilliant.

Just wanted to share this little “Friday thought” and fill you in, as someone who has worked their way up from doing what others decide, to doing what I choose to do, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to start taking the lead.


On that note, I had the pleasure of sharing workspace today at the UPPERCASE studio. Met up with Janine for breakfast at a brilliant coffee/eaterie, Vendome, then on to her  studio. Janine has been busy working on her typewriter book that she self-kickstarted a year ago. So the table above was filled with piles of typewriter paraphernalia – an impressive collection that is going to make quite the reference of an iconic machinery. We co-worked in a comfortable silence while taking the chance to chat and share creative insights.

I am stoked about this month’s Creatives’ Lunch that will be hosted by UPPERCASE at the studio. If you are in town, this is a get together you will not want to miss. Not only will be we dining on tasty food, but also have the chance to bring your work with you and share the space for the rest of the afternoon. Extending the Creatives’ Lunch experience into an afternoon of accomplishment!

Sneak Peak

I am currently working with Jill Anderson to create a newly designed Creatives’ Cupboard website that hopes to become a creative community resource. More about that as the weeks come. Being able to have Janine’s ear on the design is priceless. I am surprised and honoured when someone as accomplished as Janine actually inquires with me about my views on a few things. It all goes to show that we all start from the same place, that we never really leave.

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