Draplin shares with Cal-GARY

Yes, most of my fellow american friends will mock my pronunciation of Cal-Gary, my hometown. Which is a bit ridiculous because I was born here – so wouldn’t I be saying it the way ALL local Calgarians would?

Anyways – the reason I bring this up is because of the excellent thrill I had when Aaron Draplin came to town. I saw the posting of this presentation via my favorite fellow Calgarian, Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE magazine. I didn’t sign up right away – but at the sandbox office (where I am thrilled with a part-time contract) the invite was sent and everyone at the office was signed up to go. Woo hoo! (oops… not a good phrase to use – sorry Aaron)

Custom poster created just for the Calgary Creative Community

So back to the presentation – part of Aaron’s talk centred around his life, where he started and where his passion and motivations are born from. One of them – his dog Gary. So in Aaron’s words, “Any town with Gary in the name is good in my books.”

Julie Goldsberry with Aaron Draplin – taking in some baseball.

I was looking forward to seeing Aaron again, as I had the pleasure of taking in a Red Sox game in Boston during the HOW conference. I passed him one of my iNote books and was hoping to get a chance to get his take on it. Wondering if he actually would remember me. As we were waiting in line to get to the Plaza theatre, Aaron showed up announcing he was the entertainment and proceded to walk the line and introduce himself and thank everyone for coming out. If that isn’t ‘top-shelf’ I don’t know what is. As I re-introduced myself I saw a small spark of recognition and he was nice enough to say, ‘Great to see you again.’

I really did enjoy his talk. Even after seeing the one online – he made the effort to tailor it to the Calgary community which is really appreciated. What I got out of it? His main message?

We are lucky to be in an industry where we create such visual impact. And if there is a project that you feel has value – why not create it for yourself? Why do it for some other company to make the big bucks if it goes over well?

So on that note – I asked him what he thought of the iNote and he was interested to hear what it took to produce such a piece – which to me was really my time (spewing content from my head along with collecting interviews and information from a variety of design sources – then just start brining it all together in layout (the fun part)) combined with a very generous local printer. We ‘create’ stuff every day for our clients – why not do it for ourselves? No one to answer to – just make it.

So let me ask you, what is that one project that has always been in the back of your mind?  get started! Instead of watching TV re runs this summer – go to your happy place and design the fun stuff.

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