Doing more of what you love?

I came across this YouTube post, “What if Money Was No Object?”, and it has been tying into what has been on my mind lately. There seems to be a contrasting discussion on this topic. I believe there needs to be a balance between making a living (the money) and how we do it.

We can’t all just say to hell with the status quo and just do what we want, society as it is couldn’t function that way. So I think the message should be more along the line of a balance of responsibility of our obligations that also includes our passions. This will be different for everyone. I speak as a parent of two children. My time to focus completely on me has past, compared to those who don’t have dependants, they have a wider opportunity to focus on themselves.

I have been referring to Eckhart Tolle lately, and his message on living in the now and acceptance. Sometimes when you realize there are things that you are obligated to do, such as washing dishes or completing projects that hurt your brain… is to embrace the moment and focus on the work. When you let go of the mind chatter wishing you were somewhere else, you find a space of calm and peace. So when you think about it, if you are “stuck” doing what you don’t love, why not be doing it in a mind space that is relaxed. Not only will you find a respite from multi-tasking but on that note also notice not just how productive you become but how much better the outcome can be.

So on the flip side of the conversation, yes, we should all be spending a chunk of our lives doing things we either enjoy or find true accomplishment in. So the more you spend your focus (when not needed  by the demands of reality) on what really turns you “on” you will find you are spending more and more time doing what you love.

…sometimes the longer the lesson, the better the understanding.

Am I a guru of anything, well maybe just of my own life, and even then that is a stretch, but these are my thoughts after 42+ years. In so many ways I wish as my younger self I had these insights so I would have gotten to this stage in my life a little (a lot) sooner. But, sometimes the longer the lesson, the better the understanding.

My goal is to help spread what I know and more importantly attempt to share with my own children so maybe they can reach their visions a lot sooner.

One thought on “Doing more of what you love?

  1. All good thoughts Crystal.

    At this time in my own life I have shifted this mentality to be “What if making lots of money is not your objective?” I currently have enough money to do whatever I want.

    What I want now are experiences. I want to meet people, try new things, volunteer a bit. I don’t need to make 6 figure income. I find that mentality so “American”. Money money money. Like that is ALL life is about. I have friends who are extremely wealthy (multi-millions) and you know what they worry about all the time… their money! They are not free at all! I have way more freedom than they do. Sure I can’t have $60K vacation in Africa or Antartica, (well I could if I really wanted to) but I am happy and enjoying my simple uncluttered life. AND I lack nothing, except the time to try all the things I want to do in life. So in my life, Money is definitely “no object”.

    Thanks for provoking thought!

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