Creatives’ Need Motivators – Stefan Mumaw Part 2

Look around and check in with those who ‘inspire’ you and they will all say the same thing… success comes from the hard work you put in. I have fell to the wayside with my HOWmazing project and after meeting a local FOOD Network celebrity (Connie DeSousa) – she reminded me that my dreams are all great – but without putting in the hard work and time – they are all talk.

So here we have the anticipated part two of my interview with Stefan Mumaw, author of Chasing the Monster Idea. This portion of the interview focuses on his experience at the HOW conference and also delves into what makes us creatives’ tick. This video is about nine minutes long so before starting it up – take a stretch, grab your coffee, water, tea or warm toddy and sit back and enjoy the thoughts and reflections from Stefan. He will dazzle you with his humble account of ‘successful’ presenters and fully explain why once you attend the HOW conference you can’t help but catch the HOWie bug and return again and again to find that creative passion buried inside the day to day grind.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Creatives don’t need inspiration… they need motivation!

So please help a fellow creative out and bug me about getting the project up and running. So far I do have a local creative here who keeps asking me, “So how is the magazine going?” I am glad for that. I have a few more interviews to edit and upload and am working to get that done over this next week. Christmas shopping is overrated anyways.

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