Creatives’ Lunch Nov ’11

Looking forward to the second monthly gathering of creatives’ at SUGO tomorrow. We have a couple new attendees, which is fabulous. Always love a new face! Welcome photographers Dean Rumple from the Camera Store, David MollBrett Gilmour, Marlene Hielema. As well Ginny Tran graphic designer and Ang Carson a graphic designer working with Perry Thompson Photography and Kalpana Mistry a creative who signed up whom I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know yet.

Previous lunchers that will be joining us again are (their bios from the last lunch can be found at and ) :

  • Jennifer Feurer web designer
  • James Hearne illustrator
  • Jennifer Stack copywriter
  • Michelle Woodard copywriter
  • Shanna Cremers +1. A graphic designer from Canmore who added to her family around the time of our last lunch. I am looking forward to meeting her small new addition.
  • Patrick LaMontagne. An illustrator well known in the photoshop and WACOM circuit. You have any questions about photoshop and wacom products – Patrick is your guy! I am hoping the roads/weather holds out as Patrick will be commuting from Canmore as well.
  • Tony Grimes my fellow creative connector!
  • Will Hosier, currently creative supervisor at SAIT’s XEROX Document Services Department
  • Dave Mclean wasn’t able to make the last lunch due to work obligations but looking forward to catching up with Dave, a fellow designer.
  • Gudrun Schulze Ebbinghoff, a photographer introduced through Patrick will be joining us again.
  • Christine Mcgavern Director of Creative Services, Western Canada for Xerox.

One of the requests after the last event was for everyone attending to please remember to bring your business cards! A simple way to keep in touch between events.

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