Creatives Cupboard 2013 in Print

Presenting the 2013 Issue of Creatives' Cupboard

Well after weeks of slogging through the writing, design and print process – my babies have been printed on amazing Neenah Paper and are being bound right now at Red Dog Graphics. I have a few pictures in action of what you will look forward to when you attend the welcome session of CFC on Saturday morning!

I have been sending out little sneak peeks the last couple of weeks and with the conference literally days away, I am ready to post the full publication online so you can see how it all came together. Please, if you know of anyone who is heading out to San Francisco this weekend pass along the link. In fact pass it on to anyone who asks you, “What is HOW?” I have posted the publication on the ISSUU site:

I am a lover of the printed page and in a digital world with so much information knocking on our door/phone/computer of every minute of every day, I believe that if something is going to be printed, well it better be worth reading. I hope you find something to connect with inside. There are so many amazing creative professionals, accomplished and simply on their way, all worthy of accolades, not unlike yourself.

I would like to give you the lowdown on the full design – Red Dog Graphics will be posting their own, probably more correct detailing of how the project worked out. But until then, here is what I picked up along the way.

CoversThis was my first opportunity to work on a design for letterpress. I chose the Neenah CLASSIC CREST  Stipple 130lb Cover, Red Pepper for the covers, front and back. Ever since I held and caressed the sample in my hand I was in paper love. We chose to go with a two colour look – Silver and a darker red than the cover stock colour – to give the depth to the design. If I haven’t mentioned it before, the front cover illustration of the San Francisco landmarks was illustrated by David Michael Moore. As our paper sponsor, Neenah provided the artwork for the inside front cover for their ad.

The back outside cover, showcases Red Dog Graphics as the printer – replicating the iPad design – with the contact information for the printer as well. I wanted the notebook to not be a billboard of advertising, but something worth digesting on each page. On the inside back, I wanted to have something fun that inspired and connected with the HOW experience. The answer to my call, was a mock up ad created by David Ashcraft. I altered the design to fit the theme of the notebook – but the real important message was clear.

The covers are printed on one side and then are folded in half for the extra weight to ensure durability of the notebook.

Magazine Pages

Here I am, upside down. This is the first page of 40+ magazine style pages that you have been sneaking a peek at the last couple of weeks. This portion of the notebook is digitally printed on Neenah CLASSIC Linen 100lb Text, Recycled 100 Bright White. The custom pullout schedule is also printed on this stock. One note about the schedule – I tried to create a calendar week style view to help orientate yourself to what is happening, no matter which portion of the conference you are attending.

photo 5The next, which I think is the most important part is the note section. We used Neenah CLASSIC CREST Eggshell 80lb Text, Recycled 100 Bright White. The smooth finish will be perfect for writing down all your insights during the sessions and outside of it. You will likely find you have pages left over, so you can utilize the book even once you get back to work. I have used the session note pages even after when I watch an online tutorial or attend a presentation here locally. The generic notes pages offer space and a little bit of framework for your notes, as well as a circle the month/day (number). I like to date my notes, meetings you name it. A great way to record the when and where of what you write down.

photo 3An extra call out and kudos to my partners in crime. Without them, there would be no notebook of inspiration to share.

Red Dog Graphics                            Neenah Paper

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  1. Whoop Whoop! So proud of you and I have a little tasty treat for you and guess what paper was used inside the package? Yep, Neenah classic columns red pepper 80lb I know our packages will be fast friends 😉

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