Chow Down at CHARCUT

I really believe that each lunch gets better. Is it the food? Maybe. Is it the service? Sometimes. But really… I think it is the people. Like any connection one has – the more times you meet up, the conversation gets more relaxed. Then add in some new blood – and the welcoming spirit of such an amazing group equates to a great time. Two hours fly by and not unlike our younger years… we just don’t want to leave.

I recently had an opportunity to work an in-house contract and it has re-opened my eyes up to the world of the 9-5 job. What do I miss? The people and the interactions. Best of all the feedback, especially when they say you rock at what you do, the kind you don’t get working from the home office. But… what I don’t miss… the politics and head butting that can occur basically from a misunderstanding or simply the inability or disinterest in understanding each other.

So I wonder… what is the best of both worlds? I’m thinking if you can find a group of individuals you really connect with and work on a project together – utilizing and respecting each others skill-sets. The best part… you get to choose who you work with. Yes, this is the ideal world of the virtual agency. Intrigued? I know I am – dreaming and hopefully the right project will come along that will give me the opportunity to sign up some of these amazing creative’s and work together…. one day… yup – that is really what Creatives’ Cupboard is about.

At this lunch I was thrilled that Janine from UPPERCASE made it again bearing gifts of current and past issues of her amazing magazine. After reading my little newsletter (download here) she poked me and asked me when I was to share the details of my own magazine dream, I have to say I was all of the sudden at a loss for words. How do I answer that to a woman who has done it? I am just a little intimidated (hell no – A LOT!). So I bore down and asked if she would be keen to meet me for coffee where I could share my idea and perhaps quiz her on her experiences with UPPERCASE. Tomorrow morning we meet up and I am really looking forward to the opportunity to connect with Janine one on one and hopefully find some inspiration and guidance that will help me pursue my own passion.

So if you haven’t yet found your own local creatives’ group to connect with… what is holding you back? There are so many benefits that happen immediately as well as down the road. I look forward to filling you in on details (when I hear them) of one of the lunchee’s benefiting by being referred for a project that wouldn’t have happened if not for this lunch.

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