Big Fish doesn’t disappoint for March Munch

In my search for a restaurant to host my group lunches I ended up returning to the place where the idea really took shape.. Big Fish. A great spot with brilliant fresh seafood and charm located centrally on Edmonton Trail.

Turn out this month was lower. Probably due to my last minute planning and recruitment of creatives. Brilliant photographers Brett Gilmour and Perry Thompson had last minute bookings which one cannot blame them for. Hoping they can squeeze us in on the next event which is Thursday, April 4th (yes to those who were at lunch today I was vehement about it being on the 7th… forgive my confusion).

Meet the coffee/tea drinking serious contenders of the month.

Meet the coffee/tea drinking serious contenders of the month.

Attendees were ‘regulars’. Yes, even though this was Tevis’s first time – I consider him part of the crowd – that is how us creatives roll! Conversation was fun. Tables were split into two and it was hilarious how one turned into the coffee/tea/serious chit chat and then there was the rowdy table filled with beer/cocktails and fish & chips all around. One couldn’t plan this type of scenario – an organic experience that when all was said and done – we got to connect with each other, share some work experiences as well as giggle over the benefits of ‘fresh water beef vs salt water beef’ (yes, you had to be there).

Photo op, mocking the 'coversation' of connected creatives.

At one point we all happened to be checking our phones, those mechanical gadgets attached at our hips, so Will, Christine and James posed for a great image of how it looks to outsiders when us creatives’ connect. Though I have to say – we were pretty good – just one or two email reviews but I limited my iPhone interaction as best I could. The reality for solo creatives is our office is really where ever we are – so don’t mock us too much. We all have to pay the bills.


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