A designer brings style as MOH.

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow designer at all places… a wedding. Lisa Tsu was the maid of honor and was behind the brilliant theme… Pantone swatches!

I think what really caught my attention was the speech she pulled together in less than a week prior to the big event. Get a good chuckle from her courage to really put herself out there for her best friend by taking a look.

Her energy, creative genius and best friend inspiration were super fun to watch.

“OMG…You went to HOW? Oh I have always wanted to go!”

I think what really endeared me to her was her reaction when I said I attended HOWLive… “OMG…You went to HOW? Oh I have always wanted to go!”… OK it isn’t exactly verbatim… but the gist of it was that. To bond us even further, she is a mom as well with an exuberant 2 year old boy – so I know we will have some stories to share.

I filled her in on my Creatives’ Cupboard project and she is in! I will be working on her for HOW 2012… seriously she is a definite recruit for the #HOWLivePosse.

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