Creatives’ Cupboard is Stocked with:


Ingredients for Success

If you are smart, you realize that you don't have all the answers, and this is where you will find content written by creative business coaches. Start thinking about "the why" of your business, and then the "how" to spread the word. Start building the client base that you "want."


Cooking Up Life Experience

As solo creative professionals, we are always on the lookout for knowledge and perspectives to get us outside of our solo "offices". Inside you will find shared experiences when it comes to how to started, evolving our businesses, and references to beneficial resources. The best learning comes from sharing our real life experiences.


Space for Ideas

I think this is the "magic" part of the myNote. After reading all the amazing isights and stories, in one place you have the opportunity to start writing your dreams! There are 90 pages of custom notes pages where you can jot down all your insights and ideas. Create your own reference notebook that will grow more valuable the more you use it.