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The ‘Q’ to my #1


You might ask how I had the courage to approach Mr. Harrison, a well known speaker, and ask him to participate in my HOWmazing endeavour? After some twitter chat between Cami Travis-Groves, Sam and myself where Cami started off by calling her ‘Number One’ (Riker from Star Trek Next Generation for those who don’t get he immediate reference). I followed up to say if I was Riker, then she was considered the inspiring Captain Picard in my books. To complete the circle Cami then suggested if that was the case, Sam was ‘Q’ the master of time of space.

After asking Von Glitschka to participate in the HOWmazing project, he suggested a few other speakers from HOW, one of which was Sam Harrison. Sam’s session, “Galumphing, Goats on the Roof and Other Revelations for Inspiration” occurred at the same time as the Martha Stewart talk on their magazine digital APP. I was thinking that I should learn more about the digital revolution in magazine publishing and unfortunately just learned that Martha Stewart had the money to hire someone to make it awesome. No tips, tricks or how to’s to get into the arena. While being disappointed during this ‘portfolio presentation’ I was following my other #HOWie friends who were in the other session presented by Sam. If only I was sitting near the back I would have swapped sessions. Everyone I talked to raved about Sam’s session – the ability for him to bring an ‘energy’ to start the day was brilliant.

I know for sure that this year’s HOW in Boston, I won’t be missing Sam’s key note speech to kick off the event.

After some twitter conversation back and forth he started following me. So with that I was able to drop him a DM and ask. What could he say? No? Well as Chris Elkerton suggested, anyone who disregards your inquires are not worth your time. As it turns out, Mr. Harrison is definitely worth mine and anyone’s time.


Being on the travel circuit at the time he offered to answer via email. I proceeded to send him an introduction into some detail about my project and then followed up with questions. My nerves were on edge as I was waiting to hear what he had to say.

Are you intrigued? Please download the complete article.