Best way to celebrate a birthday!


All talk no pictures.

So on Monday, May 7 I arranged to host my Creatives lunch – it was my birthday. Celebrating the last year of my 30s with an amazing group of people who, whether they realize it or not, have made a real impact on my life. They are the ones who when I need a boost are there, either with a phone call, email or tweet. The ‘get’ me because they are as passionate about their creative careers as much as I am.

We lunched at FARM down on 17th Avenue. The restaurant was very accommodating to the large group of 16 people. They did request advance ordering for their kitchen planning – which I was happy to arrange. Janine commented on how much effort I put into arranging these get togethers and I just replied “That is what I do.” I am a planner… A little OCD that way but I embrace it and others benefit… Win win.

There were four newbies this time around. Jessica Martin whom I met when I had a personal photo-shoot with her then boss Perry Thompson (whom I keep inviting to this event… One day :) ) she is working with a new photographer now and his work is stunning. Jess is a vivacious woman whom melded well with the group.

The next two peeps were my new co-workers from sandbox creative studio, Stephan Wilhelm the Creative director and Suzy Thomas the art director. They both said they enjoyed the lunch and commented you can never go wrong when you get a bunch of creatives together in the same room. I had to giggle at the small world that they both had connections with Janine of UPPERCASE magazine from their ACAD school days…. But I guess not too surprised since most of the local creative community would have come I’m there.

My last invite, basically because it was my birthday and and I could invite whomever I wanted :) was Bill Peris, partner of Topline Printing. I have known this guy since I first dabbled in design and the fact is, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without his support and influence. I had to smile when after he left some of the group had to comment on what a great guy he was. All I could say was “Well yeah, that is why he was invited.”

There is something about bringing together all the people you like in one room… Really, it is a room full of amazing energy. I can only imagine what we could all accomplish together if we ever had or made the opportunity to collaborate on any endeavor together… Yes my wheels are turning.

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