Monthly Archives: April 2012

You don’t get if you don’t ask.


The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of opportunities for me professionally as well as my Creatives’ Cupboard dreams. hence priorities of regular postings here, not quite up there.

On the professional end I have finally had an opportunity to work as a designer in a creative agency the past few weeks. I think the best part of it, besides a paycheck, has been the creative growth by learning from my peers. Designs that are collaborated on just turn out better. I do love doing my own thing, but after a while one’s creative muscle needs to mix things up and this has done it for me. This opportunity came from perusing the design edge job boards and on a lark applying for a full time design position, though I pitched a part time freelance set up instead. They bit! Asking for what I wanted got me in the door… Amazing what can open up if you just ask.

On another endeavor I have partnered up with an amazing powerhouse printer here in Calgary ( to collaborate on a creatives sketchbook and at the same time create a custom notebook for cupboards for the upcoming HOW conference in June. I will have a couple hundred to handout to all the cool creatives I meet. I hope to increase the conversation of creatives collaborating and really just support and peer advice. This is another opportunity that has happened just because I asked… All they could do was say no.

So to all you HOWies who are going to Boston in June. Drop me a note and put in your request to hold a custom notebook for you!

I was interviewed!


The connections I have made got around to Ilise Benun, the Marketing Mentor guru and creator of the Creative Freelancer Conference. I will be travelling to Boston this year to attend the CFC and word got out that I have been busy since my HOW experience last year.

The last time I saw Ilise it was after 3 days of the 6 of the HOWLive Big ticket conference and I was overwhelmed and wondering how I was going to take in any more inspiration with another 3 days to go. I had a hoot filling Ilise in on my last year and of course my baby, Creatives’ Cupboard project.

I am making headway and look forward to sharing big news soon! Until then – here is our interview with a special surprise ending – a small slide show of the last conference and the people I have met over this past year who have helped to inspire and really support me. All with my latest ‘theme song’ which I love the message: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!