Tails from the HOWie Hangout


For those of you who don’t know, between me and a couple other HOWies we saw the brilliance of the google + hangout and started a weekly meet up online back in September. Since then it has been an every Wednesday night event at 8PM Central. This week was the start of mixing things up to a different day each week – trying to get people who normally are busy on a Wednesday night to join in.

Last night we had a theme of cocktails. As Julie says:

Just because you can’t physically be with people you met at a conference doesn’t mean you can’t have drinks with them and catch up.

Then off the cuff, Cami was looking so cute in her pigtails the rest of us gals decided to join in on the fun.

We have a set regulars including myself, Julie Goldsberry, Keith Smith, June Dung and Nicholas Nawroth – and week to week to add a newbie here and there which is really great at mixing things up. Last night Michael Parker joined in. He had been following my linked in comments about Creatives’ Cupboard and hopes to get to Boston this year. I welcomed him with ‘virtual’ open arms and I think he had to agree when I said we are all easy going and shoot from the hip when it comes to talking about design and the joys and pitfalls we all experience.

Last night we were thrilled when Luke Mysee joined in on the conversation. He will be speaking at CFC in Boston. His little ‘viking’ also joined in and shared a few nuggets of inspiration. And near the end Jason Wedekind chimed in from his letterpress studio. We got a tour!

One might ask what really is the point of our get togethers? Is there a specific topic of discussion or do we get any ‘networking’ out of  it? And I say Hell NO!

It is the next step in connecting with creatives’. For anyone who is interested in attending a HOW conference or really just want to find out why we are so insane about this annual event – last night was a real taste of what it feels like to actually be there. Talking about whatever and to have such great feedback. We are an honest group of professionals who have a voice and this is a fabulous platform.

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