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Meet Beth from Boston!


There is something to be said for the magic of social media. Keeping in touch with people just enough so when you do see each other the conversation can really flow.

While I have been brainstorming about ways to make it to the next HOWLive in Boston come June – I kept thinking of Beth, a great gal whom I snagged from the initial HOW Newbies group set up by Jessica Accamando. This year has been tighter for me on the solo designer front so looking to make the most of my budget I was bold enough to inquire with Beth if she would consider hosting a fellow HOWie during the next conference. Showing her welcome spirit she didn’t balk at my request which rocks! Please know if HOWLive EVER makes its way to Calgary or should any of my HOWie buddies make their way north we have a guest room with your name on it.

Today I have a hip hop in my step basically because I had the chance to chat with Beth via iChat. We haven’t seen each other since June, but true to form with all of the people I have met – that hasn’t lessened the connection we made. Beth hasn’t been as active on the social media front as I have and well – I think I am probably on the ‘obsessive side’, but I learned she made the jump to leaving her job. Her decision was a hard one, but it was important for her to leave what was for her a very negative environment. So kudos to Beth! She is working on her freelancing opportunities and I hope I can send enough good JUJU her way so she will be joining in on the HOWie festivities in June.

No filter required.


Following up to the beginning of my interview with Chris Elkerton – here is the second part. Getting real about how designers relate to each other and in the same breathe, inspire one another.

Following up to the beginning of my first interview with Chris Elkerton – here is the second part. Getting real about how designers relate to each other and in the same breathe, inspire one another.

With the official announcement that him and and his old partner in crime, Dave Gouveia, will be speaking at HOW about their experience transitioning from business owners to the challenges of keeping sane and throwing in the fun of writing a book, Creative Stuff, coming out early in 2012.

His ‘no filter’ take on life is a brilliant reflection of the ‘real world’.

Well if they can do it…


With a ‘friendly’ nudge I have dug down and focused on editing my interview with Chris Elkerton, an established speaker on the HOW conference track. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Chris on the first night of  HOWLive, and as I was completely new to the conference, I had no idea that he was a speaker so I proceeded to mock his speaker badge. Saying he was must be ‘special’ because he was speaking. Then I learn he was doing his session twice and assumed it was because they had to fill space (insert clueless moment here).

I managed to catch his second session and the whole time during his talk I will be honest, I became a little star struck. His sincerity and opinions on how as designers it is our duty to support each other and not tear each other down really hit home.

Since the conference I have kept in touch with Chris and the support and advice he has to offer is a prime example that we need to reach out and help our fellow creative professionals. For me, it is a big impact as I am a solopreneur.

So grab a drink, kick back and learn from someone who has experiences at winning and losing but in the end comes out with his head held high.

Check in with Chris Elkerton and his design story and how it has led him to open and close a design studio and along the way begin a speaking and book gig. His ‘no filter’ way of being honest is refreshing. His energy is contagious.

When you are done this… check out part 2!

Gotta Start Somewhere!


Cami Travis-Groves is a jewel of a woman. Her ability to be authentic and welcoming to everyone is inspiring. Over the five days of HOWLive 2011 I had a few opportunities to connect with Cami during the whirlwind of an experience. I have been lucky to have kept in touch and really gotten to know her since through the magic of social media.

In the following interview I quiz her on her experience as a newbie HOWLive speaker – which I believe to be an inspiration to anyone with a message or story that is worth sharing. Follow your gut and put yourself out there. If you don’t then you will always be dreaming instead of living.

While I was editing our chat I wrote down a few nuggets I would like to share:

  • We each have our own story to tell.
  • Find the right clients that fit your designs.
  • Make your mistakes small at first.
  • Speak from the heart

Creatives’ Need Motivators – Stefan Mumaw Part 2


Look around and check in with those who ‘inspire’ you and they will all say the same thing… success comes from the hard work you put in. I have fell to the wayside with my HOWmazing project and after meeting a local FOOD Network celebrity (Connie DeSousa) – she reminded me that my dreams are all great – but without putting in the hard work and time – they are all talk.

So here we have the anticipated part two of my interview with Stefan Mumaw, author of Chasing the Monster Idea. This portion of the interview focuses on his experience at the HOW conference and also delves into what makes us creatives’ tick. This video is about nine minutes long so before starting it up – take a stretch, grab your coffee, water, tea or warm toddy and sit back and enjoy the thoughts and reflections from Stefan. He will dazzle you with his humble account of ‘successful’ presenters and fully explain why once you attend the HOW conference you can’t help but catch the HOWie bug and return again and again to find that creative passion buried inside the day to day grind.

Creatives don’t need inspiration… they need motivation!

So please help a fellow creative out and bug me about getting the project up and running. So far I do have a local creative here who keeps asking me, “So how is the magazine going?” I am glad for that. I have a few more interviews to edit and upload and am working to get that done over this next week. Christmas shopping is overrated anyways.